The Bylaws of All Saints Church define the role of the Vestry as follows:

The Vestry, which shall include the Rector, shall be responsible for establishing, refining, communicating and defending the mission and values of All Saints. It shall be the duty of the Vestry to provide for whatever may be necessary for the celebration of worship and the encouragement of the ministries of All Saints, including all things necessary to support the worship and ministry of the Church, including buildings, offices and facilities as necessary.

The Vestry shall be formed from individuals who are actively involved in the implementation of All Saints’ stated mission and values. Vestry members shall commit themselves to personal and spiritual accountability to one another and to God. Serving as a member of the Vestry shall be viewed as a spiritual and serious matter and the members of the Team shall be expected to order their lives and their work in accordance with the Leadership Covenant of All Saints. In addition, members of the Vestry shall earnestly and prayerfully seek God’s will with regard to the making of all decisions.

To contact the Vestry, please email



Lauren Lee (Sr. Warden)


Peter Crowell (treasurer)


Steve Hemelt


Pat Krieg


Andrew Stillwell (Jr. warden)


Michael Johnson (Secretary)


Lynn Hand