The worship of All Saints Church is God-centered, Spirit-filled, interactive, and vibrant. We gather to sing the praises of God, pray, listen to his word, proclaim the gospel, and eat from the communion table of the Lord. 

You do not attend worship at All Saints; you participate. The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” When we gather for worship, we all participate in the prayers and praises of God with our voices and physical bodies through the liturgy. Our prayers and rhythms come from the ancient church and speak powerfully into our lives today, shaping and forming us as we encounter and worship our Triune God of grace. 

The best way to understand and get a feel for our church and worship is to come and join us! You don’t have to know anything about the Christian faith, the Bible, or Anglican tradition to come and enter into worship with us. Join us and allow the Living God to encounter you in a personal way by worshipping with his people.